Friday, June 1, 2007

Get your booty ready!

Summer is here and that means, it is time to show off your booty!! We all know that even though we wish, it is not perfect, butt (hehe) with the help of a few tricks we can and we should make it better

So here it is the rules:

1. The booty must be tan, always!!

Best choice is to got for tanning lotions which don't offer any harm and it only takes a few applications. There's a huge variety of tanning lotions in the market pick the best. check out the beauty addict blog, faux tan month, all tanning lotions were reviewed.

2. The booty must be baby skin soft

Exfoliate, exfoliate and exfoliate at least once a week. The trick is to apply the exfoliant in circular motions for 5 mins and follow with baby oil while the skin is still wet and if need an additional body cream, hmm scented!

3. The booty must be dimple free

Try at least try to get rid of excess cellulite
anti cellulite lotions are there for a reason so go ahead and use it. Nivea is a good choice.

Last week I was complaining to one of my friends about my cellulite and she told me, just don't drink sodas or drinks with gas (I was hooked on diet coke and Perrier) after a week I saw a huge difference.

4. The booty must have a golden sun reflection

Maximize sun like reflections with veet hair bleaching, by the way all Brazilian girls do that all year long, because you can;t have a nice behind without it. Unless you already have a golden ass, you should try it.

5. The booty must be strong

Work you ass off!!! all you need is a pair of ankle weights and 15 min!

try these moves from the Brazilian workout magazine:

cool article too

Good luck to all!

Monday, May 28, 2007

I finally found the one

I have been to so many dates, some were good, some were terrible, some made me feel like a million bucks, but after a few weeks they were already giving me clumps. Some I would get rid off before bed time, by the morning they made me look like a raccoon. Some made me feel fabulous but by the end of the night I would have tears on my eyes. Some just after a little bit of resistance they would just melt all over my face.

But now these days are over because now I found the perfect mascara, our love is getting more and more mature and even with few weeks down the road it still feels like we met yesterday.

I am just loving this very sexy mascara and I'm gonna tell you why.
it is definitely high definition
it is definitely clump free
the comb works like a push up bra
can be used as supernatural lashes
can be used as very sexy lashes
its hypoalergic
it's clinique!
from the list you can find other mascaras that do the same thing, but the real reason I'm in love it is that it comes off so easy with just water and it doesn't leave you with raccoon eyes, like the other high definition mascaras which are so difficult to get rid off and with all the work, my eyes would always end up red and irritated and made it so difficult to wear my contact lenses.
I could talk about it all night, but the way it makes me feel I will soon be ready to go down the aisle and finally become Mrs.high Definition aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
the name is: clinique, high defition lashes brush then comb mascara

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Inspirational shopping

What would you do if in 100 days 70% of the population turned out
to be females?
Hard to imagine that such a scenario could even be possible, unfortunately
women in Rwanda had to live the hard reality of loosing their loved ones,
living in horror, hunger, disease and trying survive.
As a decades has passed since the genocide these women still have the strength to
provide for themselves and rebuilt their nation.
With the help of united nations development fund for women (UNIFEM),
Macy's is selling the peace baskets online.

Oprah has launched campaign for the O bracelet also at Macy's, handcrafted by women from Zambia.
Talk about having a good reason to buy some accessories and supporting these courageous women who are a real source of inspiration on how much we can accomplish.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Georgia Rule

No, this is not another movie review. Just how my day ended. I had a pretty nasty cold for the last few days, the ones you don't want to leave the bed. That much time in bed made me think, When did all the fun stopped? I always related cold to skipping school, making it look worse to convince mom to keep you home, having someone bring you food and tea, having attention maybe, I don't know... Well is not like that anymore for the first time in my life I felt really crappy and had no one there for me. I guess people around me are really busy with their lives but they did ask if I was ok, so I thank them for that. Again this is not my point,I am not writing to complain about stuff.

What I want to write about is, how much should we rely on people? How much should we expect from them? and from who? Of course there is no right answer for that but the best answer is: Rely 100%, Expect 100%, YOU.

As women we've been taught if not only from our mothers but as for society to seek others to make us feel better, to help us around the house, to change a tire. Are you going to be that woman on driveway waiting for someone to change your tires? I say learn how to do it yourself, is not that hard, really, unless you really really don't have the physical strength to do so, maybe the sexy technician can give you a hand. I'm not saying to do everything alone, I'm saying not to rely on other people to do so, and not expect it as well. So try it yourself, most of the times you can do it, if you can't then ask for help (that's what we are best at).

So going back to my cold, I spent a day and a half relying on people to do stuff for me. I stood up, dizzy, walk to the groceries and the pharmacy, got what I needed to make myself better. Cooked for myself, then since I was bored for staying home I decided to go to the movies with ME! First time I did it and it was much better than I expected! I was still a bit sick, but I felt great and I had so much fun! Better than staying in bed!

Sometimes we don't recognize how great we are as a person, but by looking deep inside, loving, and being independent makes us a better person, more capable of self love and more capable of loving those around us.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Please don't tell me you're still using the brown bag

For all the working and academic ladies, you probably know the necessity to prepare and bring lunch from home. Unfortunately this task is not very sophisticated. The very few options in the market, leaves us with only bad choices: You can bring a not so stylish insulated lunch box, you can bring a shopping bag, or brown bag, you can hang around all day with zip locks in your purse, hope there will be place on the fridge, hope no one steals your lunch and hope nothing leaks, which often does. With so many complications many of us just rather to eat out every single day.

Built NY came up with great products to help us out!

The lunch tote , it's a placemat, insulates food and drinks in a separate place for up to 4 hours , it has a cool design and the material is neoprene, same one used for diving clothes. The price is also very reasonable, around $20!!!

Check out the electric collection, the laptop portfolio is a super sleek case. Guys would love that too. The first time I read about this company was at maxim online a few months ago. Yes I do read guys stuff! Ladies, it's a great way to explore the male brain and to shop for gadgets, since we don't hear about the cool new tech toys in the female world.

In case you're getting the lunch tote, maybe it would be a better idea to get the laptop sleeve and put it in your purse, otherwise you will look like a diver wanna be! which is not so bad if you love to dive, but it might look overdone in the office. (or maybe try to fit the lunch box in your bag)

The moms will love the baby products, I won't comment about it, because I know nothing about baby product, so check it out if you're interested.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Is the most wonderful time of the year!!!

After my Bday this is my favorite day of the year!!! Victoria's secret semi annual sale is on!!!!

I usually write my posts at night but I just can't wait that long today. Forget the french lingerie. Today is the VS day!!! Now this is not just any sale, for the first time in history all the freaking bras are on sale!! I mean usually they put the older ones on sale and the bras you really want are not in sale but this year:
Now hurry because this stuff sells like hot cakes by the time you get the change to buy, it will be gone! Whatever I had planned to do today is cancelled until all the items I want are on my bag, usually takes me quite a few hours! The clothes and bikinis are also on sale, check out the bra top and bra top dresses, I actually bought one about a month ago, damn it I payed more for that! A white strapless bra top dress and it is just gorgeous, the fabric went below my knees but I cut the dress and in 5 min I had the exact length I want it!! Ohhh I'm so happy to see all the red tag saying: First time ever 25% off!! Don't Forget the baby dolls too!! 20-60%!! A very sexy girl must go to bed looking gorgeous!!
OMG! Don't miss the garden collection sale 7 for $29.99

Now hurry up and start shopping, remember to come back because I will post bra reviews and your comments are gonna be very valuable to the girls who didn't try the bras yet !!!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

The Art of french teasing, oh lala!

When it comes to Lingerie fashion always go back to the basics. Europeans are the best. Spring/summer 2007 is all about Rock and Roll lingerie. Use and abuse of Black pieces, laser cut microfiber and satin. The Parisian lingerie Goddess Chantal Thomass shows the tendency perfectly in the merveilleuse collection. The web site is so beautiful, worth visiting. If you don't want to go to the trouble of getting this products overseas, you can find most of them on department stores, online stores and just get inspired for next time you are shopping at your local mall!
here is a list of the European brands, pick your favorites: